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Questions and Answers

1- How does this program work?

     This program provides free new and gently used books to children. We partner with different educational establishments to make books accessible to all children. Children can receive books from our partners or parents can register to help their child receive a free book in the mail.

2-What age range does your program serve?

      Although we  have a variety of books for a wide range of ages, our free  book program  and the program material cover children in grades K-6th. 

3-Is this really free?

    Yes, our whole program is free . Books are distributed to children free of charge and the material on our  site is also free of charge.

4-Do you accept donations? And where can I make a donation?

    Yes , as a non profit most of our revenues comes from generous individuals who support our cause. Donations can be made on our site by clicking on the Donate button  located on our main  and also on our Donate page.

5-Is this program only in English?
    Currently our material covers the English language. However, as we expand our operations we envision providing material in other languages as well.

6- If I have any other questions, how can I reach you?  

    We can be contacted by filing out our contact form located on our Contact us page. Please allow 24 hours for a response.

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